Rushad Nabiullin
Software developer
C++ Frontend Android iOS
Play tetris online for free
A classic game that never gets out of date
Random shapes consisting of four blocks (tetrominoes) fall from the top of the playfield, one at a time. Your goal is to fill the playfield so that there are as less as possible gaps. For this you can shift the falling shape sideways using the left/right arrow keys, and rotate it using the up arrow key. Once the shape lands on the floor or other blocks and fills all empty spaces within one or more rows of the playfield, those full rows are cleared, and remaining blocks above move down. You can use the spacebar to speed up the fall of the shape.
Press 'P' to pause the game.
In settings you can:
  • turn on/off the next shape preview;
  • turn on/off sound;
  • choose the direction of rotation;
  • choose the starting level;
  • adjust the sensitivity of swipe gestures.

Sound by Porphyr / CC BY 3.0